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Pay Africa is our African payroll processing division. Payroll is a central administrative aspect of any business, and managing it in the African context can be incredibly complex.

Many companies are simply not equipped to deal with the challenges of payrolling expatriates and locals in countries with which they are not familiar. Others understand that it is best to leave the complexities involved to local experts.

Having been in operation for well over a decade, our African payroll division effectively mitigates our clients’ payroll risk whilst guaranteeing full compliance in every African country in which we operate.
We provide a comprehensive, fully compliant payroll service, including the collection and paying over of taxes and statutory deductions to the relevant government departments. In addition to ensuring full compliance at all times, we can also create a tailored payroll solution designed to fit your specific business requirements.


Depending on your needs, we can provide a full payroll service offering or you can select specific aspects of our solution. These include:

  • Payroll processing, submissions, net salary payments, government authority payments.
  • Payroll processing only
  • Submissions and government authority submissions and payments
  • Net salary payments
  • Software training and sales whereby we enable your staff to process the payroll using our software which is cloud based.

Start-up & Small Solutions

Easy to use payroll. Anytime. Anywhere.

Medium to Large Enterprise Solutions

Power-packed payroll for any size business incl HR & ESS.

Multi-Country Enterprise Solutions

Flagship payroll and HR solution for all your people management needs.

Payroll Outsourcing Solutions

Master payroll processing by the experts and industry specialist.


Always Accessible

Continuous Compliance

Reclaim Your Time

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